I’m a Kiwi Chinese, born in Macau and raised in Fiji.  I have been a media personality on radio and TV for over 14 years. I am a young, dynamic person with enthusiasm and energy to contribute to my community.

I would like to step up to represent youth, new migrants and established residents in our community. I am passionate about developing a stronger sense of community to make our unique environment safer and healthier. Through meaningful local engagement, I would like to provide vibrant events to encourage local economic growth. I would like to work with residents and businesses to keep improving Auckland Central and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

I bring a fresh perspective to everything I’m involved in and have a natural ability to unite a team and get the best out of people.

For an effective, progressive, action-focused Local Board vote for me and the City Vision team.

Contact details

Phone: 021 0278 4654

Email: changtiki@gmail.com


Facebook page:  Chang Hung @changtiki


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