I live in Avondale with my family. I love my neighbourhood and am involved in local projects that celebrate who we are.

As an elected trustee I will be a strong advocate for grassroots initiatives that make a difference. I am concerned about alcohol and gambling-related harm and will play an active role in minimising negative impacts.

I have the experience and motivation to provide good governance. I will work hard to ensure the Trust’s business – that WE, the community, own – is run effectively and transparently. I am skilled atbuilding strong relationships across diverse groups  to achieve positive outcomes where people feel heard and engaged.

The Portage Licensing Trust will benefit from having a mix of people, including younger trustees, to influence decision making and return maximum funds to support thriving, vibrant communities.

Tick my name, and all three City Vision candidates, for a clear and committed community voice.

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Email: jaclyn.bonnici@gmail.com

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