I am standing for a well-lit and safer Mt Roskill, affordable housing, and reliable public transport that includes light rail on Dominion Road and Mt Eden Road.

A proud graduate from Mt Roskill schools, with two degrees from the University of Auckland, I bring on-board fresh ideas, dynamism and a vision for a better Roskill.

Having worked in both the private and public sector (including NZ Parliament), represented New Zealand and led a multilateral delegation overseas, I have the experience needed to effectively advocate and represent the local residents.

Currently I am serving the community at the Mt Roskill Citizens Advice Bureau as an interviewer, in addition to volunteering in a number of other community organisations.

Mt Roskill has given me plenty over the years, now it’s time to give back.

I seek your support; vote for a better Roskill. Please Vote Shail KAUSHAL and Roskill Community Voice.

Contact details

Email: shailkaushal@msn.com

Phone: 021 066 2555

Twitter: @Shail_Kaushal

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