Margi Watson reports on news from Albert Eden Local Board

At last, improvement works are underway on Owairaka Maunga

Entrance to Owairaka MaungaMuch needed work on Owairaka-Mt Albert started on Monday 5 November 2012.

This package of work was vigorously sought by Councillors Cathy Casey and Glenda Fryer under the old Auckland City Council. And now, under the Albert Eden Local Board, it is actually happening.

Stage 1 works address the state of the road which is the number one priority and includesnotice for Owairaka new measures to stop erosion of the roadside bank.  New speed tables will slow vehicles and improve conditions for pedestrians walking on the Maunga.

Stage 2 works will follow after public consultation on landscaping, paths networks and facilities.

view of OwairakaMargi Watson, Parks Rep and Deputy Chair for the Albert Eden Local Board says “The Board looks forward to the Stage 1 works being completed quickly and the Maunga being safer, tidier and more enjoyable for everyone.  We will also ensure that the community get an opportunity to have their say on Stage 2 soon.”

Owairaka is part of the Nga Mana Whenua o Tamaki Makaurau  Collective Deed (Tamaki Settlement)   and will be part of the co-governance arrangement from 2013.

For more information, contact Margi Watson, [email protected]