Policies and Principles

Our Principles

We want a dynamic, democratic, diverse, inclusive and caring region. To achieve that aim we require our candidates, our elected members and the organisations we endorse, to work for:

  1. Commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  2. Strong local democracy
  3. Commitment by Auckland Council and CCOs to community-based democratic decision-making
  4. Public control and ownership of strategic assets
  5. Fairness in rates and service charges
  6. Transport choice, and public and active transport solutions
  7. A sustainable environment and low carbon future
  8. Economic fairness, and wellbeing for all Aucklanders
  9. Protection of our heritage and character
  10. Resilient, healthy and safe communities
  11. The provision of more housing choice, and affordable, healthy, secure homes
  12. Greater opportunities for access to the arts, events, sport and recreation
  13. Access, participation and inclusion for all

Our principles are underpinned by our commitment to all Aucklanders:

  • We will maximise the democratic role in Auckland Council’s decision-making – at all levels, including the Governing Body, Local Boards and Council Controlled Organisations (CCOs).
  • We will promote the principle that Local Boards should make local decisions.
  • Elected members will engage with their local communities.
  • Our Councillors will attend and report to their Local Board meetings.
  • We will seek to advance the social, cultural, environmental and economic wellbeing of Aucklanders, as is required of us by legislation.
  • We will do all we can to address climate change, enhance bio-diversity and protect a sustainable natural environment in the Auckland Region.
  • We will be financially prudent and keep rates as low as possible.

Our policies (in full)

Approved for the City Vision 2019 Campaign

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