I have served the people of Mt Albert for 15 years, as Local Board Deputy Chair and Auckland City Councillor. I am a member of the Mt Albert Aquatic Centre Trust, with experience on Balmoral School Board of Trustees and Auckland Business Development Council. I have lived in Mt Albert for over 30 years with my husband raising our 4 children. I am committed to making Mt Albert’s voice heard and calling Council to account.

 I cherish Mt Albert’s character, its community facilities, and its parks that families enjoy so much. Our unique residential neighbourhoods and character shopping centres must allow for sensible urban renewal with well-designed new homes, whilst retaining their character. Good reliable cheap public transport is the key. Affordable housing. Keep our assets. No sale of Chamberlain Park. Financial prudence. I believe in social justice and the power of communities.

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Phone: 027 272 0816

Email: glenda.fryer@xtra.co.nz

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