Accountability reports from your elected representatives

Over the summer we will be reporting back on what we've been up to since the election in 2016. Check out updates on the City Vision facebook page  and look out for hard copies of our Accountability reports in the mailbox.

Local Government Elections 2019: candidate expressions of interest

Nominations now open for candidates interested in standing for the Local Government Elections 2019 City Vision is the community voice representing the people of Albert-Eden-Puketāpapa and Waitematā and Gulf wards.  We also stand candidates from across the ‘old’...

The City Vision Entrust Campaign

My thanks to both the candidates and all those that worked on the City Vision for Entrust Campaign. To win a majority of the 5 trustee positions on Entrust we needed to double our own vote and have the C&R vote stay about the same. That did not happen and the...

Independent Election Officer banned from promoting Entrust election

24 October 2018 City Vision Media Statement Independent Electoral Officer banned from promoting Entrust trustee election City Vision has discovered that current C&R Entrust Trustees have banned the independent Electoral Officer from promoting the Entrust election...

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