Meet City Vision’s candidates 2016

Introducing City Vision’s candidates  We are standing teams for the Waitematā, Albert- Eden and Puketāpapa Local Boards areas. Our candidates for the Puketāpapa Local Board stand as Roskill Community Voice. We also have a full team for the Auckland District...

Albert Eden Local Board

The City Vision Team on the Albert- Eden Local Board Chair, Peter Haynes Deputy – Chair, Glenda Fryer Members, Helga Arlington, Graeme Easte,  and Margi Watson    

Puketapapa Local Board

The Roskill Community Voice team on the Puketapapa Local Board Julie Fairey, Chair Harry Doig, Deputy Chair David Holm and Michael Wood

Waitematā Local Board

The City Vision team on the Waitemata Local Board: Shale Chambers, Pippa Coom, Christopher Dempsey, Vernon Tava and Deborah Yates