City Vision Policy

Auckland needs a team at Entrust (formerly the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust) that will maintain and protect your annual dividend by: 

    • Opposing any proposal to sell down the Entrust 75.1% shareholding in Vector or to cut or remove the dividend you receive.
    • Appointing qualified directors to Vector that better reflect the diversity of Auckland and are able and committed to maintaining the dividend paid annually.
    • Seeking independent advice on how to:
      • ensure Vector remains profitable
      • make Auckland’s electricity supply more resilient,
      • deal with a rapidly changing competitive environment,
      • accelerate the current undergrounding program,
      • ensure our interests as investors, consumers and the community can be appropriately balanced.
    • Using that advice combined with regular consultation with and polling of our community, to build a shared vision of the future between Entrust trustees, Vector directors and our dividend recipients.
    • After a year to assess the relative workloads of Trustees we will review the $343,000 in director’s fees paid annually to the trustees with the aim of reducing the total amount paid.