Meet some of City Vision’s young candidates this Friday evening

  • Have you ever wondered to yourself, what are local body elections, and who are these people I’m meant to vote for?
  • Have you moved house in the last three years?
  • Have you pondered that you might not be eligible to vote in the Auckland elections, because you are renting, or your parents live in Wellington?
  • Do you know where the closest post box is to your house or work?
  • Do you like to get out and have great times of the pub crawl variety?

Then come join us for good laughs and good conversation!!

For all things local government join our new City Vision candidates Jess, Piet, Kurt (and for all things health one of our ADHB candidate Chris) & friends on the Western train line to town, to tell us what we should be doing to create your future city. In the spirit of a traditional pub crawl, we will be traversing by train from Flight 605 in Morningside to Brew on Quay in the CBD, stopping at Portland Public House and Juke Joint along the way. This is a car free, all inclusive, progressive event. Feel free to stop in and join us at any of the venues, or come along to all four for the full crawl experience. Hopefully we can help you make an informed decision when October 8th rolls around!

If you’re under 40, we know that you are probably enrolled, (well 93% of you are) but we also know that you’ve probably moved house in the last three years, and that you don’t usually vote. We want to try to help change that because it’s your city’s future that you are not getting a say in.

We will also have enrollment forms there for you to update, but if you want to stay home on Friday, you can make sure your details are correct without leaving your seat by clicking on this link:
Please post any questions / share the event page. Full schedule will be posted shortly, see you Friday!