What story will we be telling the next generation?
Did you know?
– NZ’s wind energy potential is 3 times our total electricity demand.
– 95% of Kiwis could do their average daily travel in the range of electric cars available today.
– Denmark has a plan to be fossil fuel free by 2050, and achieving this will only cost 0.5% of their GDP.
Generation ZeroIt’s 100% possible to build a thriving New Zealand beyond fossil fuels. So what’s the hold up? We need leadership at every level, from our communities to the politicians we elect. Generation Zero brings you “What’s the Holdup?”, a nationwide speaking tour showcasing New Zealand’s opportunities to move beyond fossil fuels. Together we can create a smart, healthy and prosperous Aotearoa beyond fossil fuels.
When: Monday 5 August 2013
Time:  7 – 8:30 pm
Where:  Auckland Uni Engineering building, room 401
Free entry and free food.