Dr Cathy Casey, City Vision Councillor for Albert-Eden-Puketāpapa, has decided that she will retire at the end of this electoral term in October 2022.  When Cathy retires, she will have had 27 years as an elected local government representative, with 18 of those years on Auckland City and Auckland Councils.

“Cathy’s commitment to local government, her forthright advocacy on community issues, and her promotion of City Vison values has been outstanding.  She has represented her community and worked to raise the voices of under-represented people throughout Auckland, standing up for a fairer and more sustainable region.  There is never any doubt about what Cathy believes in,” said City Vision chair Robert Gallagher.

Cathy said “I have valued my time in local government and enjoyed working with my City Vision colleagues on matters of importance to Aucklanders.  I will leave with a sense of pride in what we have achieved and knowing that there is still more for my City Vision colleagues to do.”

Cathy leaves to spend more time with her partner Kees and on her creative interests such as bird photography, painting and writing.  We wish Cathy and Kees well for their future.