There is  a proposal for a new liquor store to be located at 515 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn ( in between Grey Lynn Tavern and the Laundromat ) in the Surrey Cres shopping centre.

The application proposes that alcohol be available from 10am to 11pm, 7 Days a week!  The proposed location is close to two schools, two churches, two retirement villages and the main bus stop in the Surrey Cres shops.

Grey Lynn is a family orientated community where we look out for each other and our elderly.

The elderly residents at 530 Great North Rd, complain of drunks gathering outside their flats some during the day and all hours of the night drinking and making a lot of noise.  They are are feeling fearful and scared, and a lack of sleep is making them  very upset and this proposed liquor store is only going to make these elderly folks “feel very unsafe “.

Grey Lynn is home to these residents and they love the community atmosphere in the shopping centre where most businesses know their names.  Parents and children frequent this shopping area after church and enjoy their Sunday stroll through the village and this new liquor store would change this family environment.

Grey Lynn is already well served with three off licence outlets ( Countdown, Mak’s Liquor and Perry’s Wine & Ales).

City Vision candidates Will ‘Ilolahia and Deborah Yates have joined the protest outside 515 Great North Rd ( in between Grey Lynn Tavern and the Laundromat )

Next action Friday  26 July 5pm -6pm

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