Waitematā Local Board members receive a high number of complaints about parking in Freemans Bay. The streets are clogged with commuters often leaving residents driving round in circles looking for a park or having to deal with blocked driveways.

Following the St Marys Bay Residential Parking Zone trial Auckland Transport is undertaking a Residential parking review to develop a residential parking policy which will provide the framework for future residential parking zones.

The transport portfolio of the Board, led by Pippa Coom and Christopher Dempsey, has been advocating to Auckland Transport to implement a parking scheme in Freemans Bay this year but due to the review this is now timed for April 2014.   In the meantime Freemans Bay residents will unfortunately have to continue dealing with the issues resulting from all day commuter parking which also disadvantages Ponsonby Road businesses who have limited visitor parking.

Parking issues can be logged directly with Auckland Transport either by calling 355 3553   or completing an online feedback form

Or contact Pippa Coom mob 021 926 618   pippacoom@gmail.com