City Vision Media Release

14 August 2013 

“Aucklanders need to know whether candidates at this year’s local government election will keep assets in public ownership,” says City Vision candidate for Albert-Eden-Roskill Ward Councillor Peter Haynes.

“City Vision confirms its commitment to public ownership of Auckland’s strategic assets. It is laying down a challenge to all other candidates to confirm their position,”says Dr Haynes.

“Our policy is clear. Community assets that provide essential services, such as water, must be retained in Council ownership and control and be openly accountable.

“Assets that generate major income must be retained; otherwise the revenue stream is lost forever. C&R’s sell-off of Auckland City’s airport shares showed how calamitous it can be to put narrow ideology ahead of Auckland’s financial security. We therefore specifically confirm our commitment to retaining one hundred per cent public ownership of Ports of Auckland and retaining Council’s existing holding in Auckland International Airport.

“Our opponents have repeatedly advocated for the sale of assets such as Ports of Auckland from the comfort of their Council chairs and Facebook accounts. We say that they owe it to the people of Auckland to be crystal clear about their position now so that people can make an informed choice at the election.

“With just over a month until Aucklanders receive their voting papers, we’ve made a clear commitment to keep our assets. Will other candidates front up and make their position public?” says Dr Haynes.

Contact Peter Haynes on 021 072 2289
Peter Haynes and Cathy Casey are City Vision’s candidates for Albert-Eden-Roskill Ward Councillors at the forthcoming Auckland Council elections. More information about City Vision’s campaign to Keep our Assets is here.