Media Release from Richard Northey

Maungakiekie Tamaki Auckland Councillor and Candidate Richard Northey has managed to advocate for lower rates increases in Maungakiekie-Tamaki despite pressure from the National Government for the same rating system across Auckland City which would have led to increases in excess of 10%.

“Mayor Len Brown has led the way in reducing the average 7% rates rises proposed by the previous  legacy Councils to just 2.9%, across the region, through efficiencies and prudent spending cuts”. Said Richard Northey. “If the Auckland Council had followed directly the National government’s requirement for the same rating system across the city ratepayers in the former Auckland City Council area, which includes Maungakiekie Tamaki would have faced rates increases in excess of 10%” Northey said.

“Government policy, of one rating system across the city, has led to a proposal for bigger rates rises, as former Auckland City ratepayers take up their share of paying for providing infrastructure across the whole region,”says Northey “Although rates must be fair across Auckland, I successfully led a negotiation with other Auckland Councillors across the city to minimise rate increases for the people of Maungakiekie – Tamaki.”

“This negotiation took skill and timing, it relied on good relationships with other Councillors and a strong understanding of how to increase efficiency gains for the Council and to ensure fairness across the region.”

“At this years local government elections Aucklanders need to support Councillors who have so prudently and fairly managed the city’s finances and costs in the face of the immense challenges of amalgamating the new city.”


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