We’ve already discussed why Auckland city cannot afford a C&R Council, but it’s important for us to clearly outline why a City Vision/progressive Council is the right choice for our city. Here are five key reasons to vote for City Vision (and the teams we are working with):

1)      We will work with others for the good of Auckland

From the very start City Vision has had serious concerns about the Supercity model. It is undemocratic, sets our assets up for privatisation, and needs to be changed as soon as there is a parliamentary majority to do so. In the meantime however it is what we have, so we have to make it work as well as we can for Auckland. While C&R are hellbent on taking over the region, City Vision is committed to working with people and groups who are elected to make sure that all of the diverse voices of Auckland get heard and have a stake in our city. We have clear principles but we are not viciously partisan – we can and will work constructively with people with different perspectives at the Council table to do what is right for our city.

2)      We will deliver better public transport

City Vision is completely committed to the completion of our public transport network. Better public transport is the number one issue this election and the differences are stark. City Vision is absolutely committed to completing the inner-city rail loop as a priority, followed by the airport rail link. We will also invest in better cycle and walking routes, while not forgetting that most Aucklanders using public transport travel by bus. We will improve bus stations and get integrated ticketing happening so that people can move seamlessly between different modes of transport.

3)      We can credibly guarantee public ownership

City Vision has a clear track record of supporting public ownership of our assets – no ifs, buts, or maybes. We will not sell off the family silverware, and we will fight to keep our assets under as much democratic control as possible given the Supercity structure. We want most of our city’s assets back under direct democratic control, but until that happens we will work hard to keep the CCO’s accountable for their actions.

4)      We will give local communities a voice

Local communities need to have a strong voice in the new Supercity. City Vision candidates are grassroots people who have a strong record of fighting for local communities. Our Council and Board candidates have fronted for the community for years on issues as diverse as the St Lukes mall expansion, better parks, SH20, Eden Park, development in the community, dog control issues, Monte Cecilia,  heritage in local suburbs, and many other local issues. It is City Vision and the tickets we support who will guarantee that our local communities don’t get swallowed up by the Supercity.

5)      We will stand up for Auckland

Unlike C&R who have been in a passionate embrace with Rodney Hide since the inception of the Supercity, City Vision has consistently stood up for Auckland and argued for more democracy and a stronger voice for local communities. We have advocated for greater public ownership protections and for more of our city to be under direct democratic control, instead of being run by un-elected CCO’s. On Council we will continue to stand up for Auckland. We will be constructive as far as possible, but where and when the government or a CCO needs to be brought into line, we will not hesitate to stand up for our communities and for Auckland.

City Vision and the teams we support (Labour, Roskill Community Voice, Future Whau, and others) are not perfect. We are however the teams who have consistently stood up for local communities in Auckland. We believe in public ownership and public transport – importantly these are not just words, our record demonstrates that we are true to these principles. We cannot let Rodney’s vision of a corporate Auckland come true. Vote today for the team that will give your community a strong voice.