Have your say on the 10 year budget

For the first time in Auckland’s history central government and Auckland Council are aligned politically.  This is an exciting opportunity to advance progressive policies to benefit all Aucklanders.   What is funded and how we pay for it will be decided through the 10 year budget that is currently out for consultation.  Your feedback is really important to set a strong direction for Council.

We are well aware of Auckland’s challenges– congestion, environmental degradation, growth, homelessness, pollution, sewage overflows and the lack of affordable housing.  The Mayor has proposed a 10 year budget (also known as the LTP or Long Term Plan) to really tackle these issues and continue with the local activities we value from Council such as funding for arts, events and community groups. He has also proposed a fair way to fund essential projects while keeping the rates increase to 2.5% for the first two years.

Key 10 year budget topics

A Regional Fuel Tax of 10 cents per litre plus GST to pay for additional investment in transport.  It is estimated for the average household it could cost $140 per year but this depends on how far you drive and how efficient your vehicle is.  The Interim Transport Levy of $114 per year will end on 30 June – the new fuel tax is planned to start on 1 July (read more here)

A new targeted rate to fund water quality improvements (eg stormwater separation) and a new targeted rate to increase investment in environmental initiatives including programmes to control kauri dieback disease. (read more here)

With the average rates increase kept to 2.5% and the removal of the Interim Transport Levy many households will experience a rates decrease overall even with the addition of new targeted rates.  You can find out the impact of the proposed rates using the rates calculator available on the Auckland Council website.

Here is City Vision’s guide on how to submit outlining what we support.  It follows the online form available here.  https://engage.ubiquity.co.nz/surveys/mom8LOQAZkiKnAjVaiCmfQ

You can also submit in hard copy (available at local libraries and community centres) or on social media with the hashtag #AKhaveyoursay

You don’t have to answer every question. Just focus on what you consider most important and ensure your feedback is received by 8pm on 28 March .

QUESTION 1  Improve our transport system and new ways to fund it

Support a Regional Fuel Tax

Please tell us why:  (optional response) Auckland desperately needs more investment in transport infrastructure but cannot afford to do it all from existing funding. The new fuel tax will help pay for major improvements to our public transport network, creating a more balanced transport system providing transport choice to take pressure off our congested roads

QUESTION 2 Cleaning up our habour, beaches and stream and paying for it

Support a targeted rate

Please tell us why: (optional response)  the water quality programme needs to be brought forward with the funding ring fenced so that our beaches are safe to swim at

QUESTION 3 Protecting our protected species and paying for it

Support a targeted rate either Option A (average of $21 per year), B (average of $47 per year) or Other to fully fund environmental initiatives including implementation of the Regional Pest Management Plan and the Kauri die back programme

Please tell us why: (optional response)  current budgets are not adequate to halt environmental degradation or address the species that are under threat

QUESTION 4 Approach to the average rates increase of 2.5%

Support at least proposed rates increase

Please tell us why: (Optional response)

QUESTION 5 Rating online accommodation providers

Support online accommodation providers (eg Airbnb) paying business rates and the Accommodation Provider Targeted Rate

Please tell us why:  fair to treat accommodation providers in the same way


The next section is for feedback on your Local Board priorities and any other feedback you wish to give on any topic

Question 6

Asks you to select your local board


Question 7

City Vision also supports:

  • Freezing the business rates differential
  • Changes to waste service charges (targeted rate to fund organic and food waste collection)
  • Proposed additional funding for the Auckland Art Gallery
  • Additional funding for Housing First (housing targeted at the chronically homeless)
  • Funding for service levels and provision of community facilities to at least match population growth

Following Question 7 on the online form you are taken through the priorities for your Local Board  (find your Local Board priorities here)

For example Waitematā

A. Do you support the 10-year Budget to include first stage funding to create a full site civic space at 254 Ponsonby Road?

B. Should we expand our waterways restoration programme in 2018/2019 to include Waiparuru Stream (Grafton Gully) and partner with Albert-Eden and Puketāpapa Local Boards to develop a protection and restoration strategy for the Waitītiko, Waiateao (Meola and Motions Creek catchments) and the Three Kings to Western Springs Aquifer?

C. How do you think we should prioritise our Auckland Transport capex fund over the next three years? Our options include:

  • Improved walking and cycling infrastructure though completing greenways routes, such as the connection from Newmarket to Parnell through the old Parnell rail tunnel
  • Implement slow traffic zones in residential areas
  • Streetscape improvements

D. Do you support allocating funding towards raising awareness and enhancing provision of city centre public facilities?

E. The elimination of agrichemical spraying may have some impact on the visual presentation of the parks and reserves. Do you support the local board allocating $40,000 funding for agrichemical free weed control methods in specific parks such as at Albert Park and Myers Park in 2018/2019?

You can also give any other feedback for your local area

You are now given the option before completing the form to give feedback on the draft Auckland Plan 2050 (the refresh of the current Auckland Plan) which is being consulted on at the same (these questions are all optional and do not need to be completed to submit the form).

Links are also provided at the end of the form to give feedback on two other significant plans out for consultation at the moment

Note: the Regional Land Transport Plan with specific transport projects will be consulted on in April by Auckland Transport

Thanks for taking the time. Please share this with your networks and encourage them to submit by Wednesday 28 March.

Further reading on submission points you may wish to consider and quick submit templates 

https://action.forestandbird.org.nz/akl-budget-for-nature/  – supporting fully funding environmental initiatives

https://www.bikeauckland.org.nz/plan-10-year-budget-auckland-2050/  Bike Auckland’s overview of the topics for people on bikes

Generation Zero quick submit on the Auckland Plan 2050 and the 10 year budget

Greater Auckland on the need for transport targets in the Auckland Plan 

Civic Trust feedback points on specific wording on heritage in the Auckland Plan 

Auckland Plan why you should care