City Vision Health’s pledge to you, our policies and our values  

Our Pledge:

As your board members, we will:

  • Act in a financially responsible manner with a balanced approach to spending. 
  • Understand the experiences of people using healthcare, and work with them to build better services.
  • Engage with communities to understand and advocate for their health concerns.
  • Be sensitive to the concerns of the health workforce.

Detailed policies for the Auckland District Health Board:

We believe our communities need a strong, accessible primary healthcare system, as the foundation of healthcare services. This includes:

  • Supporting communities to stay healthy. 
  • Prioritising the prevention of illness such as diabetes, asthma, and rheumatic fever.
  • Reducing the risk of infectious diseases.
  • Quality screening services.
  • Development of accessible primary mental health services.
  • Building further on the wellness budget. Commitment to creating the findings of the government enquiry.
  • Fostering excellent collaboration between health professionals and community organisations including Whānau Ora, and Well Child providers.
  • Authentic partnerships with mana whenua, Māori, Pasifika, migrant, and emerging communities to develop culturally responsive services.
  • Planning effectively for population growth so that health services have sufficient capacity now and in the future.
  • Supporting and expanding the health workforce, including mid-wives and nurses.
  • Quality, affordable services for people with disabilities.
  • Empowering older people to live an independent life.
  • Better access to palliative care.

Core Values:

City Vision supports the ongoing access to quality, accessible hospital care and specialist services that are essential to recovering if we become unwell or have an accident. This includes:

  • Free hospital services there when you need them. 
  • Shorter wait time for surgery.
  • Timely access to specialists, and excellent collaboration with primary care.
  • Excellent Starship and specialist children’s services to help our kids get the best care.
  • Providing innovative tools and technologies that allow our staff to deliver top quality care.
  • Improved range and quality of maternity services.

Meet the City Vision Health team for Auckland DHB