For Auckland to be a great place to live, work and study, there needs to be action on what our most vulnerable workers are paid. New Zealanders should be paid enough to meet their needs, enjoy their lives and participate in society. No one should have to raise their children in poverty, and to ensure that doesn’t happen, we need a Living Wage for everyone.

Last week City Vision candidates and supporters attended Living Wage Week activities to show our commitment to this campaign, including:

  • The Women and the Living Wage breakfast, including presentation from Dr Judy MacGregor on the impact of low wages on women and how that flows on to families and communities. The biggest step Auckland Council could take to close the gender pay gap within its organisation would be to adopt the Living Wage and lift the incomes of the predominantly women workers on the lowest wages.
  • Selwyn Supporters Coalition celebration, with Selwyn Village residents, staff and the Pt Chevalier community, all working hard to get a living wage for staff at Selwyn Village, one of Aucklands biggest care facilities for older people. Selwyn Village was built on the principle of caring for our older people. The same needs to happen for their workers.

Local Boards with City Vision and Roskill Community Voice majorities have joined with other progressive Local Boards across Auckland to support Auckland Council adopting the Living Wage, and we are committed to continuing to work with partners in the community, and like-minded Governing Body members, to get this issue across the line in the new term of Council.


Albert-Eden Local Board: Margi Watson

Puketapapa Local Board: Julie Fairey

Waitemata Local Board: Shale Chambers