Media Release: 

Auckland Councillors are uniting to ensure the people of Auckland are given the opportunity by way of referendum on the question of alternative transport funding options, including a motorway network charge.

In an historic precedent that unites left and right, Councillors George Wood and Cathy Casey are pledging to work together to ensure that the people of Auckland have a proper say in the future of how transport is funded.

Councillor Cathy Casey says:  “The introduction of a motorway network charge is a huge change to the social fabric of Auckland and the public deserves to have their voice heard through a binding referendum.  People are telling me that they don’t want user pays motorways and that they have already paid for their roads through their taxes.  This is “highway robbery.”

Councillor George Wood says:  “This proposal by Mayor Brown to toll the motorways will have an impact on certain sections of our communities and not touch others.  Collecting $300 million each year will amount to a massive collection of $3 billion in revenue over ten years.  All Aucklanders deserve to input their views and a full binding referendum is the only fair way to proceed.”

Councillors Casey and Wood believe that Auckland councillors will oppose the mayor on Thursday and opt for a binding referendum.



Councillor Cathy Casey, 027 474 4231

Councillor George Wood, 021 281 5555

Note:  At the Council meeting on 27 November Councillors voted  12 to nine to consult on the issue in a new 10-year budget rather than hold a referendum. A referendum could be held once budget feedback is in.