suffrage mural Khartoum placeGood news for the Auckland Women’s Suffrage Memorial, Margaret Wilson and the National Council of Women. Cr Cathy Casey moved the last amendment  at the end of 5 days of Unitary Plan meetings to get support for lifting the proposed draft Unitary Plan designation of “road reserve” from Khartoum Place and replacing it with an “open space” zoning.

It passed unanimously!

The other good news is that in the draft Unitary Plan the Women’s Suffrage Memorial in Khartoum Place is identified as “a historic heritage place” (reference number 02482 of Appendix 9). It is a category B heritage item which has significant heritage values in terms of Social (B) and context (H).

The Women’s Suffrage Centenary Memorial 1893-1993 is sited in Khartoum Place, Auckland and honours the Auckland women who worked towards the goal of women’s suffrage. The memorial is made of over 2000 brightly coloured tiles and was designed by artists Claudia Pond Eyley and Jan Morrison. It was erected in 1993 with financial assistance from the Suffrage Centennial Year Trust and the Auckland City Council.