Local Board Elections 2016 are now underway. 

To vote you need to be enrolled.  You can enrol up until 7 October to vote for Mayor, Councillors, Local Board Members, District Health Boards and in some locations Licensing Trusts

Voting documents were posted to all enrolled voters between 16 and 20 September 2016.  If your voting document did not arrive call  0800 922 822 or 09 973 5212

Where to vote

Complete your voting document and post it in the FREEPOST orange envelope provided at a post office, post box or shop shop by 5 October.

For the first time in the Auckland local body elections you can hand deliver your voting document to one of the Auckland Council ballot boxes during the voting period. Ballot boxes are located in local libraries and a few designated locations such as on Lower Queen Street (check the Show your love website find locations to take voting documents) 

Voting documents sent in the orange envelope must be posted by 5 October to arrive in time. After that date and until midday on 8 October you can hand deliver your voting documents to a ballot box. 

Here are the steps in photos 

Who can I vote for?

Aucklanders get to vote for the Mayor, a local Councillor (in some ward areas two Councillors), members of a local board, and members of the district health Board.  In some areas you can also vote for a local licensing trust.

City Vision is standing candidates for the following:

You can find out what ward you live in here

Meet City Vision’s candidates here.

Local Government Elections 2016 – Show your love 

How to enrol 

It is possible to enrol to vote in the Local Elections 2016 right up until 7 October. Details here on the Elections website