AECT teamAuckland Energy Consumer Trust election
How we use energy is on the verge of a massive transformation.  Electric cars, home solar and wind, smart meters and of course the Tesla batteries are all on their way, and they’re going to fundamentally change how we use energy.  And that means our power grid has to fundamentally change.

Auckland needs a team at the AECT who understand the changes ahead. A team that will make smarter choices now, so that your dividend is protected tomorrow.  A team that will make sure all families can depend on there being clean, affordable and reliable energy for their needs.

Introducing the City Vision team for the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust. Simon Mitchell, Anne-Marie Coury, Jeanette Elley, Judith Tizard and Kirk Serpes.  

We believe in:

We believe in embracing new technology, ensuring families have the choice of investing in home solar, electric vehicles and Tesla Batteries. Investing in the electricity network for changes in technology now will protect your dividend in the long term.  
We believe that for the AECT to best serve of the community, it needs to stay in community ownership, so that you have a say in its future. The City Vision Team has a proven track record of protecting public assets and putting community concerns over excessive profits.  Community unity protects your dividend.
Electricity prices have been steadily increasing harming families and putting the elderly at risk.  We will work to protect families and the community through smart investments, home insulation programs and demand smoothing.