Media Statement Auckland Council

16 September 2015

Dog Access Review in Albert-Eden

Dog owners and their pets will have greater access to Point Chevalier Beach, following the Albert-Eden Local Board’s review of dog access rules in its area.

“Over the five-month summer period, dog owners will be able to walk their dogs on-leash and run them off-leash in the water for an extra hour in the morning. That time 9am to 10am is popular for dog walking”, said Board Chair Peter Haynes.

“In addition, moving the end of the summer period to 31 March gives dog owners greater access to the beach most years.” “Non-dog owners who are uncomfortable with dogs on the beach will be able to enjoy the beach from 10am to 7pm throughout summer.

Further, dogs will be allowed off-leash east of the northern headland of the beach. “While it’s tough trying to balance the needs of non-dog owners for safety and comfort with the needs of dogs for unrestrained exercise, I think we’ve struck the right balance.”

“But it’s critical that more resources are put into enforcing the rules, and tougher penalties imposed on those who break them. We have highlighted that to the Governing Body and will stress that to them when they consider our report.” “Some dog owners wanted greater access still, but we only have one beach in our area and it’s heavily used by people from all over Auckland.”

The Board has also moved to protect native birdlife on the foreshore of Eric Armishaw Park. “The shell banks along the foreshore host a number of species of birds and dogs disrupt the birdlife when they chase birds. The foreshore is close to the Motu Manawa Marine Reserve, where the Department of Conservation prohibits dogs for this reason,” said Dr Haynes.