There may be less than 24 hours left before voting ends in the first Supercity local government election but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time to put the record straight on the legacy of those who have served on the Western Bays Community Board.

Since 1989 a City Vision majority on the Board has been behind a number of significant community initiatives. Resanding of the Herne Bay beaches, lowering of the speed limit on Ponsonby Road, saving Campbell Free Kindergarten, and upgrades to public parks and central Auckland’s open spaces can all be credited to a Board comprised predominantly of City Vision Councillors and Board members. However, in what appears to be a blatant rewriting of recent history of the Auckland City Council, the C&R’s Waitemata Local Board candidates have attempted to lay claim to a number of City Vision’s achievements throughout the campaign. “The Ponsonby Road speed limit reduction was first initiated by City Vision Councillor Penny Sefuiva in 2005 when a law change allowed Councils to set variable speed limits. It is disappointing that C&R and Greg Moyle in particular is claiming to be behind this initiative when ultimately it was the Western Bays Community Board that were fully in support” says Chair, Bruce Kilmister. “The Christmas Tree at Western Park was also a City Vision majority Board initiative made possible because of my role as a member of the Ponsonby Business Association” says Mr Kilmister

“After a long battle by Cr Graeme Easte and Board member Leigh Kennaway I am extremely pleased that the Campbell Free Kindergarten is to be preserved by NZTA but I find it very disappointing the C&R are looking to chalk this up as one of their victories”  says Kate Stanton who served two terms on the Community Board and is standing along with Bruce on the City Vision Waitemata Local Board team.

Curiously C&R went through the whole campaign as “7 good names to remember” even following the high profile defection of their most personable and articulate candidate, Hinu te Hau.  Her face appeared on C&R hoardings but her image was photoshoped out of the team photo on the C&R website