I was elected to the Waitematā Local Board in October 2016 joining the City Vision team who I have witnessed doing incredible things over the last two terms to enrich our community. I am striving to advocate strongly for more human-centric design decisions based on empathy and standing for those with disabilities, children, elderly, as well as the environment. I lead the Community Development portfolio and am on the Parks, Sports and Recreation portfolio.

I am fortunate to come from a very distinct background.  My NZ grandparents moved to Colombia, South America with their children to work as missionaries. Growing up in Bogota I witnessed the societal impact that good governance can generate. Enrique Peñalosa the mayor at the time brought cycleways, more public transport more pedestrian focused areas, libraries and public amenities. The city felt safer, greener, more people were out happy, enjoying the city, getting fit.

I am very passionate about community development; the past few years I’ve been working in the space of social entrepreneurship as a board member of Social Enterprise Auckland, co-owner of The Pallet Kingdom and a student at AUT University.

Sustainability is an important factor that has to be emphasised both economically and environmentally within Council. Self-sustaining community initiatives and implementing the need to measure the environmental footprint in every decision. This will be something I will stand for and strongly support.  I support the Local board advocating to the governing body to implementation sustainable practices including pressing issues such as greater assistance to the critical homeless.

I am looking forward to this term, as a previous design thinking lecturer, collecting insight from the community understanding the needs and collectively tackling issues is the way we may truly progress.

Contact details

Phone: 022 093 6192

Email:  [email protected]

Twitter: @AChristie4WLB