Auckland faces serious challenges. There’s work to be done on Council’s Governing Body to tighten financial management, and ensure transparency, strong local democracy, and that the council controlled organisations work for Aucklanders.

As Local Board Chair since 2010 I’ve demonstrated commitment and ability to protect the unique character of our neighbourhoods such as Balmoral, Epsom, Mt Eden Village; to protect our volcanic cones and view shafts; to support our vibrant and diverse communities and local businesses; and develop innovative policies. I’m proud of the Board’s record for value-for-money spending. We need more attention to saving valuable ratepayer dollars. I’m keen to continue removing bureaucratic obstacles.

As a former senior lecturer in management, policy analyst in energy markets, ministerial private secretary, and employment negotiator, provide me with the skills to be an effective local representative.

Contact details

Phone: 021 072 2289

Email: [email protected]