As a current Board member, I ask hard questions – seeking greater accountability –and have immersed myself in understanding the challenges faced by our local youth, businesses and communities. 

My priorities are accessible public transport, well-designed, revitalised town centres, community facilities and support for our environment.

With development occurring, it is vital that our diverse residents are well-connected and feel a sense of belonging.

As Board member and leader in Grey Power, I have pushed for community safety, parks, and healthy housing for all. Through my collaborative efforts, councillors voted for the city to become “age-friendly”. I am proud our team advocates to retain senior housing at Liston Village.

We punch above our weight, to create jobs, protect our environment, and to support our community groups.  I’ve been a key part of this.

Please vote for me and the whole Roskill Community Voice team for the Puketāpapa Local Board.