A born-and-bred Aucklander, I’m passionate about making our city a more efficient, beautiful, safer, friendlier, and inclusive place. I’m an Asset Manager, transport choice advocate, Freemans Bay resident, husband and father. 

Auckland’s infrastructure needs a massive boost, and my business experience and passion for excellence will be able to deliver real results. I’ll be working for you to ensure that Council delivers smart solutions for a smart city. 

I’ll also focus on a sustainable and healthy environment for ourselves and future generations, including air quality, park maintenance, recycling, and water quality in the Western Bays. I want Auckland to be a great city for my baby son to grow up in.

In my corporate life, I oversee $500m of shopping centres nationwide. I’m always forward-looking and innovative, seeking opportunities to improve, while adhering to best practice in governance, budget, and operations.

Please vote for me and the City Vision team.