Ngāti Paoa, NgaiTakoto, Ngāti Kuri

With over 19 years’ experience in the social services sector, I am passionate about providing outstanding health services for Aucklanders. To do that we need to address all the causes of illness, including housing, education and poverty.

City Vision Health is committed to solving this problem by increasing collaboration between social services, building healthy whānau and healthy communities, and more efficient use of DHB resources.

I have extensive experience working for Auckland DHB liaising with Oranga Tamariki, addressing systemic issues within both organisations. This strategic work included developing solutions, writing partnership agreements, developing training and strengthening relationships.

I’ve also worked with drug and alcohol services, Kaupapa Māori cultural services, community health and ethnic communities. I am a mother of twins and believe supporting mothers and families is key to healthy whānau.

Vote for me and the City Vision Health team using numbers 1-7.