In 2016, you elected me to represent your community on the Trusts. I’ve worked hard on your behalf, to run a socially-responsible business and to give back to the community. In 3 years, we’ve given $3M to the community through the Million Dollar Mission. And we need to give back more. 

I am a nurse and have 2 children. I am also on the Boards of Avondale Intermediate, Northern Health School and am Chairperson at Waterview School. I am a Trustee for the Mt Albert Pool.

On the Albert-Eden Local Board, I’ve worked on behalf of New Windsor, Avondale, Owairaka, Mt Albert and Waterview residents to secure $62M of benefits, including new parks, playgrounds, cycleways, sportsfields and environmental programmes as part of the Waterview Tunnel project. 

The Trust is a crucial part of keeping our community safe and strong. 

Please vote for me and the other City Vision candidates