We believe that Auckland’s strategic assets belong in public ownership. Our publicly owned assets have been built up over many years and are an important part of Auckland’s economic and social fabric. Economic returns from these assets...

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In the large and complex Auckland Council structure, our local communities need a strong voice in order to get a fair go. We understand the issues in our communities and we know how to get things done. City Vision is committed to giving...

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Local government should be focussed on working with local communities to create great places to live, work, grow, and play. We stand for an Auckland in which we treat people fairly and value our diversity. People in our communities should...

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We will solve Auckland’s congestion crisis with better transport choices. We will improve and expand our rail network, cycling, bus and ferry services. Our vision is for genuine transport choice to move people and goods around our...

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  • Only City Vision will keep assets in public ownership

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  • A strong voice for our communities

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  • Our communities need a heart

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  • We stand for transport choice and solutions

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People’s climate march Saturday 28 November

People’s Climate March – Solutions not pollution On the weekend before the Paris Climate talks in November this year, climate marches will take place in hundreds of...

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Auckland Shelter dogs take humans walkies

Councillor Cathy Casey joined the office workers in central Auckland who were encouraged to get away from their desks at lunchtime Friday, 13 November, and walk off any...

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