pop fooleryMany will recall last year’s experience of Walking in Trees; the popular installation walk through Albert Park’s majestic Moreton Bay Fig tree, and the only recently departed intriguing artwork anchored by six beehives in Victoria Park; The Park. Both were two of last year’s inaugural POP programme of arts and culture activities and installations, initiated and funded by the Waitematā Local Board. The programme is intended to activate and showcase artists and art in urban spaces, be accessible and visible, and become self-sustaining over time.

This year’s programme has commenced, with Word POP, a series of posters featuring well known artists’ lyrics and poetry in several sites around the city. There are two sites in Ponsonby Road, with Ladi6 and Lorde engaging us with words. There are five more projects in the series; POP Foolery; White Face Crew popping up in various locations to brighten up your day, also on now, and with POP Plinths, POP Percussion, POP Ping Pong and POP Portraits to come until this year’s series ends at the end of June. For further details check out the programme here.

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Shale Chambers, Chair, Waitematā Local Board