Waitematā Local Board Chair Richard Northey said he was very pleased with the appointment of Glenda Fryer this week at the October monthly Local Board meeting, to replace a Board member who resigned earlier this month.

“We will now have a full complement of Local Board members to represent the wonderful people of Waitematā until next year’s Local Government elections,” Northey said. “Appointing the next highest polling candidate from the previous election in these circumstances is normal practice.”

Glenda Fryer has 18 years of local government experience as an Auckland City Councillor, Community Board Chair and Local Board Deputy Chair.

“I am really looking forward to being sworn in next month and joining the City Vision team of elected members, to help carry out our policies with our many communities of Waitematā,” Fryer said. There is much to be done and I am ready to hit the ground running. It will be good to be back representing my community.”

The vacancy on the board was as a result of C&R’s only board member Sarah Trotman resigning before a Code of Conduct taken against her was concluded. As the resignation took place after 8 October (within a year of the local government election in 2022), Local Board rules allow for an appointment to the local board rather than a by-election.