We will solve Auckland’s congestion crisis with better transport choices. We will improve and expand our rail network, cycling, bus and ferry services.

Our vision is for genuine transport choice to move people and goods around our communities and the Auckland region with ease.

To achieve this we must urgently progress major regional projects like the Central Rail Link and rail to the airport.

Excellent public transport is a priority. We will act to provide better bus, ferry and train services, together with integrated ticketing and better timetabling. These, together with cycleways and safer walking routes will give Aucklanders real transport choices.

Solving Auckland’s transport issues is a national priority and we believe that central government must work with Auckland Council to develop the solutions. We believe that Auckland must be able to make its own decisions about transport priorities, and be supported with appropriate government investment.

City Vision Guiding Principles and Policies for Auckland Council Governing Body and Local Boards are available here.