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“The proposal to build a “The Warehouse” on Pah Rd  is ill-considered, and locals are rightly voicing their strong concern.   It is heartening to see the official Council report also recommends it  be declined,” says Julie Fairey, Roskill  Community Voice member on the Puketapapa Local Board.

The Hearing Agenda for the resource consent was released on Monday 7th February, with Auckland Council’s planning consultant recommending that  the application be declined, and almost universal opposition from  submitters.

Of the 23 submissions, 21 oppose the application,  while the remaining 2 are neutral.  Those submitting against include the  James Wallace Arts Trust, the Onehunga Business Association, and the  Parks, Sport and Recreation department of the  Auckland Council.  All local residents who submitted on the proposal  indicated they opposed it.

“Objections raised by locals include concerns about  traffic, noise, inadequate parking, vegetation and flooding risk.  The  proposal breaches a number of existing planning documents, and is out of  character with the neighbourhood.  It seems  likely that the proposal would have a negative impact not only for  local residents but also for those who use Seymour Park as well as  nearby shopping centres at Royal Oak, Three Kings and Onehunga,” says  Michael Wood, Roskill Community Voice member on the  Puketapapa Local Board.

“Residents who have talked to us have spoken of  existing problems with parking, traffic, noise and poor planning in the  area.  They wish to have these issues resolved, not exacerbated by the  incompatible arrival of a ‘big box’ retail development  in their neighbourhood,” says Fairey.

“We are aware that many other locals oppose this  development but missed out on an opportunity to submit to the resource  consent process.  We hope they will take the opportunity to sign the  petition circulating, and we aim to assist them  to have their voice heard.  Given the planner’s recommendation and the  high level of local opposition, the independent commissioners must  decline this application,” says Wood.


Contacts:  Julie Fairey, [email protected], 021 287 9900

Michael Wood, [email protected], 027 547 1926

Background:  The proposal to build a “The Warehouse” retail  store, with associated carparking and additional retail tenancies and  road changes, has been undertaken by Eldamos Investments.  The sites the  development would cover are 100 Pah Rd (formerly  the site of the Holeproof factory), 677, 677A and 679 Mount Albert Rd.   The total retail floor area would be 7500m2, with carparking less than  the minimum required under current regulations.

The resource consent notification for this proposal was notified on November 5th 2010.  It did not go in City Scene, as past notifications of this  nature would have, because City Scene was no longer being published as a  result  of the Auckland Council amalgamation which took effect on November 1st 2010.  Roskill Community Voice leafleted approximately 500 local  households in early December 2010 to encourage public submissions,  whether for, against or neutral. We were surprised  to discover that many locals did not know about the resource consent at  all, or The Warehouse’s plans.  This was only a matter of a few days  before submissions closed on December 10th.  With the assistance of  Councillor Cathy Casey, we sought an extension  to the submission deadline, however this was declined by the CEO of  Auckland Council.  Given the high level of contact we received from  locals on this issue we organised a public meeting in the area to gain  broader community feedback on the proposal. In mid  December 2010 over 70 people attended this public meeting about the  proposal and voted unanimously to oppose it.  In late January 2011   Roskill Community Voice began circulating a petition  amongst local  residents, opposing the development.

Julie Fairey, Board Member, Puketapapa Local Board (Auckland Council),

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