The City Vision Health team of candidates

The City Vision Health team of candidates

Over the past four posts we have outlined some of our key values and ideas. We’ve talked about our commitment to public ownership, our belief that local communities need a strong voice, our commitment to a Living Wage for Auckland’s families, and how we would support a congestion free network.

To make all of this happen though, we need good people to be elected. Effective governance is not easy. It requires clarity of purpose, professionalism, vision, the ability to see through the fog and act strategically, a capacity to take a few hits and get back again, and most importantly, a strong set of values that bring you back to the community you serve.

Being ‘nice’ or taking a good photo doesn’t actually cut it (although they’re good to have as well!). Politics is a serious business, it involves making major decisions that affect the lives of real people. City Vision expects a lot of our candidates, and in 2013 we are thrilled with the quality of the people standing under our banners.

Our candidates are proven performers. We have a mix of experienced incumbents, and people with new ideas and perspectives. All have deep roots in their communities. All have worked hard to win support on the campaign trail. You can view more information about them here, and you can of course contact any candidate to ask a question.

Our people have the right values, and the right leadership qualities. We commend them to you and ask that you vote for them before Saturday.