Introducing the impressive City Vision Health team

Jo Agnew  A Registered Nurse, Jo works in Nursing Education and has served on the ADHB for the last nine years. “Nursing must be represented on the ADHB to prioritize patient advocacy and maintain a clinical focus.”

Michelle Atkinson Michelle believes accessible mental health and frontline services are essential to people living healthy lives. She has spent over five years working to improve mental health systems locally and internationally.

Andrea Dawe Andrea is a Registered Nurse and Midwife with extensive experience in maternity, mental health and diabetes. “Great healthcare starts with really listening to people’s needs and concerns.”

Dr Jeanette Elley Dr Jeanette Elley is an IT professional who has spent the last 13 years working in clinical research, statistics, and information management for New Zealand health boards.

Robyn Northey A serving member of ADHB, Robyn has worked her whole adult life in frontline health from Dental Nurse to CEO. “All Aucklanders should receive effective and timely treatment and services.”

Chris Peel A trained Paramedic and Emergency Manager, Chris now works redesigning services. “I’m committed to maintaining a free and accessible health service, built around patients and support staff.”

Dr Gerhard Sundborn Dr Gerhard Sundborn has a doctorate in public health. He is dedicated to solutions- focused research to prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in our communities.

City Vision Health is committed to delivering good decisions for our local communities.

  • Public health is about putting people first. City Vision Health works for better services for you and your whānau.
  • You will feel confident that the health system will look after you
  • Prevention is better than cure. You will have options to help before you get sick
  • Well-funded Starship, maternity, and after hours services help our kids get the best care
  • Free hospital services will be there when you need them
  • If you have particular needs because of old age, disability, or a terminal illness, there will be easy access to support in your community

The current City Vision Health team on the Auckland District Health Board has delivered real improvements for Aucklanders over the last three years by:

  • Fighting for adequate funding to meet the health needs of Aucklanders
  • Maintaining a skilled workforce that is valued as a true partner of a responsive service
  • Working with Māori, Pasifika, and migrant peoples to develop services that meet their needs
  • Advocating for policies which recognise the needs of people with disabilities