As part of Bike Auckland‘s campaign to seeking voter support for Bikeable Auckland,  candidates in the Local Elections 2016 have the opportunity to submit a statement on cycling. Nearly all City Vision and Roskill Community Voice candidates have responded with a message in support of the Bikeable Auckland vision of:

  • a vital network
  • more local links
  • safer streets

Many candidates like Cathy Casey, Kurt Taogaga, Pippa Coom, Jessica Rose, Julie Fairey  are also peddling the talk as regular riders (many more of our candidates would cycle now if they had safe cycle connections and opportunities).

All the Bikeable Auckland candidate statements are available here

City Vision’s transport policy is proudly pro-people, pro-transport choice, pro-public transport, and bike friendly.

City Vision’s Transport policy

  • Our vision is for genuine transport choice to move people and goods around our communities and the Auckland region with ease.
  •  We will urgently progress major regional projects like the City Rail Link and the airport rail link.
  • We will prioritise public transport and the provision of better bus, ferry, light rail and train services together with integrated ticketing and timetabling, more HOP card outlets, interchange hubs, cycleways and safer walking routes including over the Auckland Harbour Bridge.
  • We will give priority to efficient transport solutions for the movement of freight in and around the region.
  • We will advocate for greater government funding of major regional projects, and for this funding to shift in favour of major regional public transport projects identified by the region. We support re-establishment of a regional fuel tax to broaden Auckland transport funding options.
  • We will advocate that any major new roads, rail, and light rail be paid out of government taxes and a regional fuel tax, as these are fairer than road pricing.
  • We will actively support and fund measures to increase the number of people walking and cycling for recreation, local trips and commuting.
  • We will strongly support the reintroduction of light rail on key north/ south roads on the Auckland isthmus.
  • We will enable the provision of a network of electric car charging stations around the city and utilise electric cars as part of the Council fleet.
  • We will seek to implement the Vision Zero strategy, working towards a safe network of streets in which zero pedestrians or cyclists are killed or seriously injured.
  • We will seek systematically to repair and upgrade unsafe footpaths.
  • We will seek progressively to eliminate hazardous railway level crossings.

How City Vision is delivering on a progressive transport agenda for Auckland

Meet City Vision’s candidates

City Vision’s policy and principles for the Local Elections 2016