City Vision Health guiding policies and principles for the Auckland District Health Board 

  • When you get sick, you’ll feel confident that the health system will look after you. We all need world-class health care close to where we live.
  • We also acknowledge the importance of social determinants such as housing, education, and employment in good health outcomes.

City Vision Health believes that proper healthcare before problems arise is better than ‘the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff’. There needs to be a strong, accessible primary healthcare system as the foundation of healthcare services in our community.

This includes:

  • Increased funding for prevention of illness and disability such as diabetes, asthma, and rheumatic fever.
  • Culturally appropriate support for Māori, Pasifika, migrant, and emerging communities.
  • Development of accessible primary mental health services.
  • Quality, affordable services for people with disabilities, older people, and for end-of- life care.
  • Encouraging excellent collaboration between health professionals and community organisations including district nurses, Whānau Ora, and Well Child providers.
  • Affordable after-hours services near where we live.
  • Affordable pharmaceuticals.
  • Quality, accessible hospital care and specialist services are essential to recovering if we become unwell or have an accident. This includes:
  • Free hospital services there when you need them. There shouldn’t be a long wait for surgery.
  • Timely access to specialists, and excellent collaboration with primary care.
  • Well- funded Starship and specialist children’s services to help our kids get the best care.
  • Minimising the use of restraint and seclusion in mental health services.
  • Exploring new tools and technologies that allow our staff to deliver top quality care, while releasing resource for other healthcare services.
  • Quality screening services.
  • Free maternity services.

As your board members, we will seek to:

  • Understand the experiences of people using healthcare, and work with them to build better services.
  • Engage with communities to understand and advocate for their health concerns.
  • Listen to the concerns of the health workforce and respond openly to them.
  • Tell the people of Auckland how funding dictates or restricts service provision, and invite their feedback.
  • Act in a fiscally responsible manner with a balanced approach to spending based on need, and a focus on making savings where possible.

City Vision guiding principles and policies for the Auckland Council governing body and Local Boards