City Vision’s candidates for the Portage Licensing Trust stand for the following guiding policies and principles.

As City Vision:

  • We believe the Licensing Trust model delivers positive benefits to the community through the responsible sale of alcohol and well-managed pokie venues
  • We will advocate for the profits to be invested back into the community through grants, donations, community projects and events
  • We acknowledge the harmful impacts of alcohol and gaming on our communities and will ensure that these impacts are minimised
  • We consider that as West Auckland’s third largest employer, The Trusts must ensure the business is sustainable and socially responsible
  • We will advocate for The Trusts to become a Living Wage Employer

The Trusts needs strong governance and decision-making that supports our communities, and as your Trust members, we will:

  • Keep the Trusts. We are committed to keeping the Licensing Trusts model and the community owning and controlling the sale of alcohol through retail stores and the number of taverns
  • Grow our community-owned business. Ensure the Trusts are profitable, responsible and give back to the community
  • Work towards a Living Wage. To ensure our employees are paid for the hard work they do and can participate fully in society
  • Focus on a strong, safe community. By promoting safe alcohol sales and act to minimise pokie harm
  • Ensure attractive, socially responsible, local venues
  • Provide career opportunities for locals
  • Push for sound financial management with open books
  • Continue the Million Dollar Mission and other funding to community groups so we can support the community through profits

The City Vision team for the Portage Licensing Trust are: