Albert-Eden Local Board Chair Peter Haynes says that his board has scored a victory with the proposals for intensification around Mt Eden and other village centres in its area.
“We’ve been working hard to get the draft Unitary Plan right for our area–securing the benefits of a more compact city with better planned and designed intensification than at present, without sacrificing too much character.
The results are showing that this has paid off. It’s certainly a better strategy than boycotting the process, as Governing Body member Chris Fletcher has been doing.
Albert-Eden Local Board held more events to consult with its community, including, uniquely, library sessions to train older people in using the ePlan. As a result, we got more substantive feedback than any other local board, bar one.
I doubt whether we would have received the range or quality of the feedback that we have, had we relied solely on the formal, statutory process. In any event, we still have that process coming up when the draft plan is notified, probably in September.”
Plan Changes for the Better Central Leader, 24 July 2013