City Vision has selected a great team of locals for the Portage Licensing Trust in this year’s elections. Returning member Margi Watson is joined by community advocate Marcus Amosa and IT professional Mark Beavis. They believe that the Licensing Trust model delivers positive benefits through the responsible sale of alcohol, well-managed venues, and the provision of funding to the community.

Margi Watson is a community leader and has served on the Portage Licensing Trust for five years. She trained as a nurse and now specialises in governance including on the Board of Avondale Intermediate, as Chair of Waterview Primary and as the Chair of the Albert-Eden Local Board of Council. She is passionate about community, education and strong futures for all.

Marcus Amosa is a community advocate, resident and business owner in Avondale. Marcus serves as the Chair of the Avondale Business Association, is the owner of Cain Tattoo Studio and manages the AAPICA Trust, a Samoan childcare centre. Marcus is passionate about improving our town centres and communities through business and wants to see The Trusts deliver better venues and more funds into our community.

Mark Beavis is a Waterview local, and proud father of two school-aged children. He strongly believes in reducing alcohol-related harm in our West Auckland communities. Mark would like to see The Trusts continue to sell alcohol responsibly and future-proof themselves to ensure sustainable returns to local organisations. Mark has been self-employed in the IT sector for over 15 years. In his spare time, he is a volunteer with Bike Avondale.

For more information or to help with the campaign email: [email protected] or call Kurt on 022 054 6292