Planting our city’s future

City Vision is committed to creating a Sustainable Environment. We have developed environmental policies for the Governing Body and Local Boards that support many programmes, projects and groups to deliver on this key principle.  We are committed to conserving and enhancing our heritage by taking on the guardianship of the landscape features that make Auckland unique: our harbours, the Hauraki Gulf and the waterways that feed them; our beaches, parks, volcanoes and the wonderful ranges that ‘bookend’ our region.

One cornerstone of City Vision’s policy is ecological sustainability. The Council open spaces are the bolthole for our city’s biodiversity and contribute to Aotearoa’s unique landscape. It is also the place we can easily increase the biodiversity of our city by protecting existing habitat, removing weed species and planting native species to diversify and strengthen our flora. We are predominantly an urban environment but our ecological corridors are critical for Auckland

City Vision’s Local Boards have undertaken extensive ecological restoration in Council reserves over the last 3 years. Council budgets include ecological restoration funding for contractors. We also partner with local volunteer groups to deliver restoration programmes.

The Albert-Eden Local Board, for example, has planted over 43,000 plants since 2013, including along Te Auaunga‐Oakley Creek, in Heron Park, Eric Armishaw Park, Howlett‐Esplanade Walkway, Meola Creek, Windmill Reserve, Balmoral Heights. There have been smaller planting projects in Delphine, Nicholson, Essex, Edendale, Sainsbury and Waterview Reserves.

City Vision’s policies and principles here