Media release from Cathy Casey

Seeking LGNZ support for berm parking ban

28 June 2019

A solution to the illegal berm parking that has plagued the Albert-Eden-Roskill ward in recent years could be close if Local Government New Zealand supports an Auckland Council remit at its annual conference next week.

Ward councillor Dr Cathy Casey is travelling to Wellington to gather support for the remit. She says, “Parking on urban berms is an issue that local people really care about, but Auckland Transport has limited powers to stop it without warning signage.”

At present any car obstructing the footpath can be towed, as can cars parked within 1m of a vehicle crossing. However, cars parked on the berm and not causing an obstruction cannot be towed without a sign saying ‘no parking’.

“We currently have the ludicrous situation where AT would have to put up a ‘No Parking’ sign along every berm, every 100m to be able to take action on offenders. We don’t want to become ‘Sign City’ so we need to change the legislation that requires this, which is what we are asking the other 78 councils to support.” says Councillor Cathy Casey.

Albert-Eden Local Board Chair Dr Peter Haynes says that since complaints started in 2017, the board has exhausted all means by which illegal berm parking might be policed. “The board has passed resolutions, we have spoken at committees, we have written to AT, NZTA and the Associate Minister of Transport. All say they have no power at law currently to deal with it. I am delighted that our ward councillor has taken the initiative to gain LGNZ support for a change to the national rules to allow us to ban berm parking in urban areas without signs everywhere. I wish her every success.”

Puketāpapa Local Board Deputy Chair Julie Fairey says illegal berm parking must be banned for the sake of pedestrians. “When cars park on berms it creates issues for pedestrians. We shouldn’t be putting car parking ahead of safety for vulnerable pedestrians, especially those with mobility issues, and children. I’m hopeful with LGNZ backing we can break this unhelpful cycle of agencies passing the buck.”