Asset sales have been described as the “sleeper issue” of the Auckland Local Elections 2016

Central to City Vision’s policy is a commitment to retain control and ownership of publicly owned assets.  There is a clear choice this election.

We believe that Auckland’s strategic assets – Ports of Auckland, Watercare, holdings in Auckland International Airport and pensioner housing –  should benefit the people of Auckland, not just a small number of shareholders. Retaining control of key strategic assets ensures that the income stream from what are often natural monopolies, benefits the whole community. Public ownership also means that we retain control over key infrastructure, meaning that these assets can be leveraged to achieve better outcomes for the whole community.

We will work with Phil Goff and progressive representatives on Council to keep our assets to maximise the benefit for everyone. The airport and ports shares deliver dividends which we can invest in local communities and use to keep rates affordable.

National party aligned Auckland Future candidates and “independent” Bill Ralston have made it clear that if they control Auckland Council, strategic assets sales are their preferred method to fund Auckland’s growth.

Only a vote for City Vision, Roskill Community Voice, Future West, Labour, Mike Lee and other progressive candidates will ensure we keep our assets.

Vote Keep Our Assets

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