Calling card WaitemataMy personal campaigning gets underway

Last Sunday I ventured out to the Grey Lynn Farmers market, to let people know about the new City Vision team for the upcoming Waitemata local body election. This was my maiden voyage as a member of the team – apart from attending a number of meetings and protests about local and wider issues and writing seemingly endless blurbs about myself for a range of publications.

Standing at the entrance to the outdoor market my first challenge was to answer a question on my feelings about fluoridated water. First thought was the kids whose parents don’t get around to protecting teeth and their lifelong dental costs as a result of no more fluoride in the water. But of course the issue is more complex than this so I listened, albeit briefly, to the arguments against.

It was great to see so many locals and others arriving at the market with their shopping bags and leaving with them laden with good food – something people do around the world, but only recently here. Most people were aware of the election and open to taking a calling card introducing the team. And to my message – 7 ticks for City Vision!

It was chilly though and I was relieved when my daughter turned up and whisked me away for lunch in a warm cafe.

Deborah Yates