Pippa Coom draft Ponsonby Masterplan releaseIt is really exciting to see the draft Ponsonby Road Masterplan printed and ready for feedback.  Pippa Coom introduced the idea to set up a working group to develop a draft to the Waitemata Local Board last year. Since then Tricia Reade and Pippa  have championed the project through to what we think is a beautifully presented draft, packed with ideas to transform Ponsonby Road. The draft was launched at an event at the Ponsonby Community Centre on Friday 27 July 2013 and is intended to provoke robust discussion and feedback.

The working group made up of  iwi, community representatives, stakeholders and the Ponsonby Business Association met over the last 5 months to develop the draft. It was a unique partnership approach to developing a plan that was able to build on previous community initiatives.  Through the process the group were also able to learn about the Māori heritage  of the area. (The Council commissioned report on Māori heritage values and opportunities from in order to better engage with relevant Iwi for the project area is available here)

The draft identifies specific outcomes and provides concepts for all modes of transport, arts and culture, the streetscape and key sites.

Public consultation on the draft masterplan begins on 24 July and will continue until 4 September.

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Community open days Draft Ponsonby Road Masterplan flyer

  • Wednesday, 31 July, 11am-2pm, Leys Institute Library Ponsonby, 20 St Mary’s Road, St Marys Bay
  • Wednesday, 7 August, 11am-2pm, Whitespace Gallery, 12 Crummer Road, Ponsonby
  • Saturday, 10 August, 10am-3pm, Leys Institute Library Ponsonby, 20 St Mary’s Road, St Marys Bay
  • Wednesday, 28 August, 5.30pm-8.30pm, Ponsonby Community Centre, 20 Ponsonby Terrace, Ponsonby

Public meetings

  • Thursday, 15 August (6.30pm-8pm) Leys Institute Library Ponsonby, 20 St Marys Road, St Marys Bay

For more information, or to order hard copies of the feedback form, phone 301 01 01  and ask to speak to Alana Thurston.

Ponsonby Road Review Underway, Auckland City Harbour News, 26 July 2013