The City Vision team is made up of a diverse group of Aucklanders, reflecting the communities we wish to represent.

Gender: Two thirds of our 37 candidates are women

Ethnicity & nationality: Our candidates identify with a range of backgrounds: Māori, Samoan, Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, Columbian, Cypriot, Scottish, English, Cornish, Irish and Pākehā. We are all Kiwi New Zealanders.

Age: Over a third of our candidates are under 40. Our youngest candidate is 25. Our most senior candidates are in their 70’s. We are all ages in between.

Residency: Candidates all have strong connections to Auckland. Our candidates are a mix of home owners and renters. Some of our younger candidates live at home.

Experience & skills: City Vision’s candidates bring a range of skills and experience.  11 candidates are currently elected members standing with a talented range of new blood.

More about our candidates here